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Designer on Call

Included with a Designer on Call membership

Tailored Ideas

During meetings your designer can screen share and search for items with you.  + in store help (virtually) instead of sales associates

Shop Together

Virtually shop together across several sites and stores. Virtual personal shopping but together, no matter where you are

Great for large and small projects

Along with the bonus of your designer shopping online with you on smaller projects it's also great when your project has many details to it

Access to Designers

Talk your design dilemmas out with people who love decorating

1 on 1 Consults

No group meetings. Always one on one private appointments. Familiar faces instead of sales associates you've never met before

Unlimited Appointments

Thought of another question? You can always book another 30min appointment with no extra fees

More About Designer on Call

It's as easy as 

1.) Purchasing a monthly membership

2.) Thinking about the design issue you want help with

3.) Booking a video meeting

During your video meeting you can share pictures or video of your space, Pinterest boards, Instagram accounts, etc. whatever gives you inspiration.

Ask your designer what they think is the best choice for your room.

You can also ask your designer to search for items at the time of meeting (where you search together). 

Along with this you can also book a time with your designer while you are shopping at a store. 

Why wait for help from a stressed out and overworked sales associate?

Just book an appointment when you know you'll be out shopping and get the one on one attention your project deserves. 

Your designer will be a familiar face instead of a sales associate you've never met before.

Think of Designer on Call as a fluid conversation about decorating with a friend.

At the Designer on Call level of membership, your designer talks out your dilemma with you and also helps you search for items virtually in store and online.

You can book as many times as you need throughout the month for just the $43 monthly membership fee.

Click here to read our 5 tips for preparing for your first meeting!

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