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Welcome! How to Prepare for Your 1st Design Guide Meeting

Design Guide, Design Scout, Designer on Call. What's the difference and how do you get ready for your first Interiors on Demand meeting

Welcome! We are so happy you're here and a part of the Interiors on Demand family!

Our clients know they want help with their interior design project and can't wait to get started. Here are some helpful hints to make your first Design Guide meeting a success.

Remember, we're here to help and you can schedule as many meetings as you need!

Tip #1 - Look around a little

Find yourself mindlessly scrolling through Instagram? That's great! Ok, maybe not mindlessly, but have you been looking through pictures of beautiful room after beautiful room? Maybe you're feeling a little discouraged or envious. Maybe it's the opposite and perhaps you're super motivated but don't know how to start. Either way, it's all ok!

Let's turn all of that scrolling into something positive. Save every picture you find yourself drawn to. Share it during our meetings. This helps our designers know your style (and maybe even helps you understand your style a little more too).

Tip #2 - What other places can you look?

Are you someone who only looks at Instagram? Or maybe you only watch HGTV. Inspiration can come from places you've forgotten or aren't accustom to. Do you only watch one specific HGTV show? Try one with a different designer. Did you travel somewhere that you thought was beautiful? Go through your photos for inspiration. Get outside and see how God designs. What colors are in that sunset? What color is the sky when it snows? What colors are in that rose? Notice how they are combined. Haven't read a magazine in awhile? Head over to Barnes and Noble or the library. Speaking of the library, there are so many design books you can peruse over. Take quick pictures on your phone if you see something interesting.

"You can't depend on your eyes when your imagination is out of focus" – Mark Twain

Tip #3 - Have fun

We all have our thing that we need some extra help with. Whether it's hiring an accountant to help with your taxes or buying Christmas cookies instead of baking yourself... we all have those things that we just need a little extra help with. Don't feel embarrassed if you're not designer of the year. Our sessions are built as a conversation and a place to bounce ideas around. Just have fun, and remember - if you think of more questions you can always book another session.

Tip #4 - Set some goals for yourself

Maybe your entire house needs attention. That's ok! We can't wait to help on every room of your house. We have found that clients will make more progress if they have a plan of what they want to talk about during their sessions. For example - one of our clients was working on her bathroom. The sessions that worked best were the ones where there was focus on a specific item. When she would book her meeting she would fill out the booking form with details such as "I want to think about buying a new mirror." Sometimes in her booking form she would even attach a link to her Pinterest boards or a picture she found somewhere. There were meetings where she would be so organized that she would say, "Here are the mirrors I found yesterday, what do you think?"

It gave our designers an exact thing to help with.

Tip #5 - Try Design Scout or Designer on Call

If you find yourself really lost, our other plans Design Scout and Designer on Call might be the best for you. Design Scout and Designer on Call are just like Design Guide but add a little bit more help. Design Scout provides the additional benefit of a designer pulling options for you during your meeting. Instead of you bringing the ideas to your session (aka mirror options), during a Design Scout session you and your designer can go through websites and collaboratively shop together. Designer on Call brings all the benefits of the other memberships but also adds in the option to meet virtually while you shop in store.

We are so happy you're here!

We honestly can't wait to work together. Remember "creativity is to think more efficiently" and we're here to guide your focus. We hope this helps you get ready for your first meeting, and if you haven't booked yet you can buy your membership here

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